BP and the federal government, five Gulf coastal states and many local governments reached a proposed $18.7 billion settlement about the Deepwater Horizon disaster. The proposal addresses Clean Water Act penalties, natural resource damages, and economic claims and will be paid over 18 years. Clean Water Act penalties total $5.5 billion, with 80 percent of this going the RESTORE Act trust fund. Another $7.1 billion will go for natural resource damages, and $4.9 billion to Gulf Coast states' economic claims.

Bay County will receive $34.9 million in RESTORE Act Direct Component/Pot 1 funds.

Florida will receive a $2 billion economic damages settlement. Three-fourths of this will go to a fund administered by the nonprofit Triumph Gulf Coast Inc. The fund is for the benefit of the Eight Disproportionately Affected Counties (coastal counties from Escambia to Wakulla), expended in equal amounts over 30 years. This will fund economic development projects that give the best return on investment, and includes workforce training projects.

Florida will receive $680 million for natural resource damages claims.
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Special Needs registry available

Special Needs registry availableBay County residents with special needs are encouraged to register with Bay County Emergency Services to provide local emergency responders with important information for use in the event of an emergency situation such as a tornado, flood, hurricane, extended power outage or disease outbreak. The program is strictly voluntary, and its intent is to provide the emergency response network with information pertinent to developing an effective response to emergency situations.

Please click the link below to learn more about the program and to sign up.
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